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Working It Smart (Defined)

Posted on: October 11th, 2013 by raworkin 3 Comments

WISlogoSo, what do you mean?

Well, there is enough ‘stupid’ in the world for us all to find.  We remember the moments—times of embarrassment or the costly effects of decisions or actions we made, ‘in-the-moment’.  We just did NOT think things through!  After reflection, we knew better—and usually in the future try not to repeat ourselves.  Those ‘Funniest Home Video’ moments we can sometimes laugh at and remember with a smile, but for successful living?–‘stupid’ is just not the way to go!

We learn along the way–through trial and error or acquiring tips and guidelines from those around us—family, friends or trusted sources who have been there before–and know a better ‘way’. We all desire to live better, be happier and have a sense of belonging and having worth. So, to me, it seems that Working It Smart is a more sensible way to base our decisions and actions—in all we do, whether awake or asleep.  Seeking and using the right tools (like a mechanic) makes the job easier.

Of course, acquiring and understanding reliable knowledge is an important part of learning to make ‘smart’ decisions. There is a lot of information out there, but finding reliable and pertinent facts can be hard. For this site, I hope to present easy-to-understand, concise information that I feel would help those who visit—to learn something that might help in making those decisions.

Sleep is something I have experience at observing and helping those who have problems sleeping effectively. Simple and often inexpensive changes in how people prepare for bed or the environment in which they sleep can often make the difference in sleeping effectively and not. This is what I would like to share—initially.  Applying that knowledge to make better decisions, hopefully, will enable you to enjoy more restful sleep.   Then, we can expand from there to other areas of our lives—by Working It Smart.  Stay tuned and may we both learn something of value along the way!

Remember . . . it’s the tools!

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